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The Story Behind the Best Cookies in Boston

It all started with a lemonade stand.

Each spring in the 90's, my brothers and I would have a lemonade stand at the end of our street. It was always a big production, as our 5, 9, and 12 year old selves woke up extra early to bake chocolate chip cookies and make lemonade with our mom. She would only allow us to sell these for 25 cents, so we’d bake the cookies fairly small, about the size of a silver dollar, and called them ‘two-bite cookies’. The cookies were a huge hit, and we’d sell hundreds of them in a day.

Fast forward fifteen years later, as I’m walking around Boston on a warm July day. I was craving a chocolate chip cookie like none other, so I started walking into cafes to find one.

The only cookies I could find throughout the city were massive, almost Frisbee sized, 700 calorie beasts of cookies. While it was tasty at the start, by half way through I was feeling sluggish, heavy, and overall —  just not great.

I thought back to those days at the lemonade stand, and the delicious, fresh from the oven cookies we sold that everyone loved. When did these get replaced with the over-processed, giant cookies we see out in cafes and shops today?

Kitchen Millie was born. In December 2014, we started making never processed, always fresh two-bite cookies that taste delicious, but don’t give you that sluggish, guilty feeling. We've created a variety of unique two-bite cookies so that no matter what your tastes are, you can enjoy an unbelievably tasty snack and then get right back at it.

Shaped Gluten Free Taza Cookies


Who is Millie?


Millie was my grandmother, and she was always in the kitchen making the very best pies, cookies, pierogies you could ever imagine. Not only was she a terrific baker and chef, but she was the type of person that gave you the confidence and drive to go after, and accomplish, whatever you set out to do. Here at Kitchen Millie, we strive to live our lives the way Millie did, both in and out of the kitchen.

Stacked Chocolate Chip Cookies