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Kitchen Millie produces what may be the best cookies I’ve ever tasted. And I’m a self-proclaimed cookie snob. So you can trust me. Excuse my language, but when my roomie and I tried The Caramel Renegade we both exclaimed, “Holy sh*t, these are really good!” That caramel center is just woah! The Velvet Rush is super chocolatey and on the richer side. And as for my favorite flavor, chocolate chip? She NAILED IT.
— Christina, Hungry Meets Healthy
My first order of cookies arrived this morning, just in time to be part of the dessert for our Father’s Day dinner. OMG - everyone just loved them and sang your praises as they were passed around so each person could sample all the different kinds! Even my picky middle son, who declined the other dessert we offered, couldn’t resist your fabulous products. Obviously this will not be my last order... Thank you for making the ending of our meal such a great success.
— Marion, Online Customer
You’ll want to make them last for three and four bites.
— The Boston Globe
Your cookies have always been a smashing success. Thanks for providing such a perfect little gift!
— Gloria, Online Customer
...My clients were thrilled to have such an array of delicious treats. Many people tried one (or two) of each flavor. I think we went through all 300 cookies in less than an hour and a half!
We had a make-your-own cookiewich party to celebrate our company’s new office and it was a huge success! Everyone raved about how delicious the cookies were - especially the peanut patriot. Thank you KM!
We ordered Kitchen Millie’s Make-your-own ice cream cookiewich’s for a work party and they were SUCH a big hit ! They were delicious and a perfect little treat for the office. Thank you!
Kitchen Millie was the perfect end of quarter treat for our team. The cookiewiches were so delicious they were gone in about 10 minutes flat. Plus? The Kitchen Millie team set everything up for us which made it super easy. I’d highly recommend Kitchen Millie to any company looking for a fun way to reward their team. Who doesn’t love cookies and ice cream?
Delicious, quality ingredients and the PERFECT size! (not to mention adorable packaging). You need to get some today. Seriously. Do not delay!
— Janette, Online Customer
Kitchen Millie’s cookies are everything they say they are. You can taste the freshness and the attention to detail in each bite. If your a peanut butter fan you will be doing yourself an enormous injustice if you never try their chocolate accented deep rich peanut butter cookie, it truly embodies everything that the word spectacular has come to mean. Their salted caramel cookie is right on the heals of their PB cookie and all of the others aren’t far behind. The fact that cookies this good exist should make tree dwelling elves weep and green sash wearing clutch their earned badges in fear of being retired early. All I can say to Kitchen Millie...Thank you for being you.
— -Gerard, Online Customer
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