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Today on Cookie Crew, we’re heading back to the original Cookie Crew — Jared + Justin Wax.

Our natural state

Our natural state


Back in the 90’s, my brothers and I would have a lemonade stand at the end of our street. Along with the lemonade, we’d wake up extra early and bake chocolate chip cookies to sell (for the full origin story of Kitchen Millie, click here). We’d fly down Southfield Drive on Razor scooters and those lemonade stand days were simply the best. 


Needless to say, they’ve been with me since the beginning and even though we’ve moved on from the #standlife, they’ve played a major role in growing the cookie life …although nowadays it’s mostly through taste testing (shoutout to Jared who once consumed 25 cookies in a row — beast). 


The best part about my brothers is by far their sense of humor - they are some of the few people that when I’m with them are constantly laughing. Super sarcastic and witty - not much can get past them without some type of hilarious comment. They’re also some of the only people that call me out on my BS and both love iced coffee, fun facts all around. 


lemonade stand km.jpg

Jared, my younger brother, is quite the entrepreneur - always hustling and trying out new projects - whether that be SEO, copywriting, pillow cases, wooden coffee mugs, or anything else - he’s definitely the quickest person I know and his facial expressions are off the charts. 


Justin, my older brother, is one of the most personable people (if not the most) I know and is always down for some type of ridiculous adventure — which most often comes to fruition in form of a trip to Assembly Square or trying out a random new restaurant. He’s the type of person who is just living his life and I can be my most ridiculous self with him and Jared. 


Cheers to the original Cookie Crew, thanks for doing and being all that you are.