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Cookie Life Recipe | The S’More Blitz

Louisa CronanComment

It’s National S’Mores Day, and we couldn’t help jumping on the bandwagon with a twist on this beloved summer dessert. But how do you make a classic even better? Add peanut butter, obviously! (That’s our solution to a lot of things). Introducing the S’More Blitz, featuring our Flourless Blitz cookies. Read on for the perfect mix of dark chocolate, creamy peanut butter, and sweet marshmallows.





1 bag Marshmallows (we love the classic Jet Puffed Kraft Marshmallows)

1 bag Flourless Blitz two-bite cookies

2 bars Taza Deliciously Dark Chocolate


Makes 10 s’mores




  1. Grab 2 Flourless Blitz cookies

  2. Break off 2-3 squares of Taza Chocolate and put them on one cookie

  3. Slide the cookies + chocolate close to the fire so they get nice and gooey while you’re raosting your mashmallow

  4. Roast your ‘mallow over an open fire – we loved to get it nice and burned, but totally up to you :)

  5. Sandwich that marshmallow in between the cookies + chocolate

  6. Voila! You have a peanut buttery, rich, and luscious s’more!



If you want to make these in your kitchen, you can! Just pop the cookies + chocolate with a marshmallow on top into the microwave for a jiff. Once the marshmallow has puffed and cooked to golden perfection, top with the other cookie and indulge!