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Cookie Crush | Boston Workout Classes!

Louisa CronanComment

When people hear you work for a cookie company, the first question is always,

“Oh my god how do you not eat all the cookies?!”

The answer is, I do (obviously).

Extras that I “bring home” rarely make it out of the car, and when you start baking at 5:30am and realize at 11am that you haven’t eaten, cookies always seem like a good idea.

The next question is inevitably...

“How do you not weigh a gazillion pounds?”

Again the answer is, I do.

To counteract the sugar rush, I turn to my favorite local workout classes to sweat it out:



On those days when I really don’t feel like working out, this is where I head. It’s close to my apartment, they have a bunch of evening and morning classes, the people are awesome and friendly, and it’s easy to lose myself and quiet my ever-whirling brain in the dark room. I used to be intimidated by spin classes, but Recycle is approachable while still being a kickass workout. Highly recommend the Reboot Buff classes – it has two arm songs, so I get an awesome full body workout in 45 min!

corepower yoga

Photo credit: corepower yoga

Photo credit: corepower yoga

I’m not a huge yoga person – I often get bored rather then relaxed or centered – but the Yoga Sculpt class at corepower has converted me. Think heated yoga plus weights plus some Pilates plus a (super fun) cardio segment in the middle. It leaves me simultaneously stretched out and sore, which is a pretty great feeling. Bonus: the first week as a new customer is free (amazing) and you don’t have to reserve a spot beforehand, so it’s great for those days when I’m not sure of my schedule and am looking to squeeze a workout in!

Everybody Fights

Photo credit: Everybody Fights

Photo credit: Everybody Fights

I have never found a plank restful until I did the BagsxBody class at Everybody Fights – imagine rounds of intense boxing in a dark room, broken only by planks and squats, and you might see my point. If you’re looking to drip sweat and feel the ache in your arms and back the next day, Everybody Fights is the place for you. They have an awesome mix of group-oriented classes, like Trainx360 (where you’ll do strength and cardio circuits around the boxing rings in the middle of the gym – not for the shy!), as well as classes in dark rooms where it’s just you and the bag, like BagsxBody. You can rent gloves on the spot and there’s no judgement if you’re new and have no idea how to box (i.e. me), so there really is no excuse not to give it a try.