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5 ways to stay sane during the holidays

Michelle WaxComment

With the holiday cookie rush upon us, you may be wondering how we keep up with the madness.

Making 2,300+ cookies a day may seem daunting, but we have a few tips and tricks to keep us on track:


1. Spreadsheets, spreadsheets, spreadsheets.


Stay organized and on track by knowing exactly what you need to make and when. It won't stop you from baking an extra 300 cookies (it's happened on more than one occasion... math error on our part) but it will make you feel more prepared

2. Get comfy.


When you're on your feet in a hot kitchen for six plus hours at a time, make sure you are dressed the part. Shout out to our Cookie Life caps and Allbirds for keeping us dressed for success.

3. Fuel your day.


Nothing says "let's do this" like a large Fazenda coffee from Quebrada and a banana. If all else fails - or you are so busy baking that your coffee gets cold before you take a sip and you forget your banana in the car - snack on those extra cookies. The sugar rush will push you through that last hundred cookies

4. Motivate with music.


Right now, we're alternating between Christmas hits and T-Swift. Get on our level. 





5. Stay positive.

Edison Sampler Multiple.jpeg

Mistakes, anxiety, and stress will happen. Don't get bogged down in it, just remember it's the BEST time of year and keep smiling through it all. After all, who is actually UPSET to have too many extra cookies? 


Thank you to our amazing #cookienation for making this our best, craziest, and longest holiday season yet. Now on to 2018....