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5 Quick Steps to Creating Your Own Signature Recipe

Louisa CronanComment

1. Think of a kickass idea.

Sounds easy, right?


This is by far the hardest part of adding a new item to your menu. When we develop cookie flavors, we want it to be awesome every time.

And awesome is a combination of many where do you start?

Most of the time, you’re adding a new delicious treat because your menu is lacking something - need more chocolate? A vegan item? Something to celebrate Autumn? These are all great inspirations! Also think about what have people been asking for?? What have they loved in the past? A spin-off never hurts.

We recommend adding a new item at least once each season. This allows you to develop and launch the flavor with maximum impact.

Now that you have an idea, you’re ready to get to work.

2. Find a base recipe.

This is super important.

Once you have a sense of what you're creating - say, a pumpkin-based cookie for the Fall - rack your brains for recipes you've seen, or better yet, tried, that sound appealing (read: make you drool).

Even if it was a scone flavor, or a pie flavor, or anything else - it normally can be creatively converted to whatever you're making (in our case, cookies! The cookie life is the best life).

If none come to mind, scour your favorite cookbooks, food blogs, and recipe sites (see below for some of our favorites) for recipes that look intriguing or inspiring and start from there. 

3. Mess up a lot, and tweak.

Chances are you won’t find a recipe that is exactly what you’re looking for - maybe it bakes differently in your oven, maybe you hate oatmeal, maybe you want to add some chocolate chips (who wouldn’t?!) - so experiment! We encounter this a lot since we have a massive oven that bakes differently than more regular ovens.

Don’t be afraid to make multiple batches and try something a little different with each one! Normally we make a solid base batch and then experiment adding in small amounts of additional ingredients to get the perfect flavor.

4. Taste test, and do it well. 

Pretty self-explanatory, right? Our suggestion: bring it some friends (whose tastebuds you trust!) to get their take. 

We love bringing new flavors to barbecues or parties and getting people's honest reaction! Sometimes we don't even tell them we made it to get more honest feedback!

5. Name it and launch!

Come up with a kickass name for the new item you’ve whipped up and introduce it to the world! We love naming our cookies weird names (my favorite is probably The Zesty Lunatic). It adds an extra layer of fun to each cookie, so don't be afraid to get a little weird with it!

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