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The Greatest Costco Story Of All Time

Michelle WaxComment

Have you ever been to Costco?

Basically, it a haven for free food samples. (Insider tip: go there on Saturday for the best samples, but be aware of extremely slow moving people operating large rolling flatbeds).

But I digress…

A few months ago, I was at Costco with my brother, Justin. It was a crisp spring day and we were ready to rock and get our sample on. For those who don’t know, Justin and I are professional sample tasters, as this was a weekend activity when we were growing up.

As we’re perusing the aisles, we come across a lady sampling -- and she is sampling something VERY familiar.

Semi-sweet chocolate chips.

If you’ve tried out our cookies, you know we use these in every single Unrivaled Classic and Velvet Rush cookie and they are simply amazing.

To the left of the lady is an extremely large stack of bags of chocolate chips.

Now, these are not the bags you purchase at the grocery store -- they are at least 15X the size.

To a regular person, purchasing even one bag of these chips would seem daunting.

Who needs that many chocolate chips?

...we do. In fact, we need at least ten bags.

Of course the lady does not know any of this, as I tucked our flatbed packed with eggs, butter, and flour behind the corner.

May have been a bit suspicious, don’t you think? I couldn’t risk that.

Anyway, my brother is a huge fan of chocolate chips so saunters up to sample. I linger back a bit, pondering just how many bags to get and getting excited to watch this interaction. If you don’t know Justin, he can be quite sarcastic when he wants to be.

Justin picks up the sample cup, and starts casually chatting with the lady, asking about the chips.

She is doing an amazing job pitching chocolate chips, I do have to give her that.

After a 30 second chat, he turns backs to me, and goes --

‘Hey Michelle, these are pretty good, you should get some’.

“Really? Are they that good?”


“Ok... but how good are they?”

“They’re like really, really good.”

“Alright, alright. I’ll get a few”.

I summon an inner strength I've never summoned before, and grab at least ten bags from the stack. They drop on the flatbed with a….


Smack they go on the flatbed, and I turn to the lady.

I’ve never seen someone so in shock but also so happy.

She looks at us in wonder, and manages to stutter out a ‘oh my god...Thank you!’

“No, no...thank YOU!’

Justin and I turn towards each other, smile, and walk away.

...I really hope they pay commission on sample sales at Costco.

Even if they don’t, I hope she becomes known as the best chocolate chip sample salesperson for the rest of her life.

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